Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a service that allows your school / Home & School to move to an electronic payment system for the children. No more scrambling to find Loonies and Toonies in the morning before school on popcorn days!

How Does It Work?

Your children are setup, either by you or through your Home & School association, with payment accounts in our system. Initially these accounts will have no money associated with them.
You then can add money to your child's account at the school. (online through credit card will be available soon!)
Your child can then spend that money on items at the school, such as popcorn or candygrams, without the need to carry actual cash.
As a parent you will receive an email notifying you of the items your child has purchased and the amount of money still available for them to use. You will also get a notification email when your child's card is running low on funds so you can add more, if you desire. You can also check the balance of your child's card online at anytime.

What Schools Are Currently Using

Evelyn Harrison Public School in London, Ontario

If you are interested in using as a payment system at your school please email

How do I sign up?

The first step, as a parent, is registering for an account on Once that is done you can add your children to the system through the website. After your child has been added simply go to the school to add money to your child's account. We will be adding the ability to add funds online, without having to go to the school, shortly.

How Do I Control My Child's Spending?

As the parent you have full control over the amount of money available to your child by controlling how much money you add to their account.

Further Questions?

Please feel free to email any additional questions to